At Ujana Empowerment Foundation, we are driven by a vision of a world where every individual has the opportunity to thrive and succeed. Through our multifaceted initiatives, we are dedicated to making a meaningful impact in various fields:


Online Webinars

The UEF organizes online webinars to provide educational resources, facilitate knowledge exchange, and inspire young individuals to actively engage in activities to achieve the SDGs. By featuring experts and thought leaders in these webinars, the foundation aims to broaden perspectives, encourage critical thinking, and motivate participants to take action.

Since its inception, the foundation has organized three online webinars, each focusing on different aspects of climate action. The first webinar titled “How can the youth actively participate in the action against climate change” was led by Mr. Humphrey Mrema, Chairman of the Youth Survival Organization (YSO) in Tanzania. The second webinar, “Green Entrepreneurship and Lifestyle Change to save planet earth” was presided over by Ms. Julliet Kakwerre, CEO of Cheveux Organique in Uganda. The third webinar was an open discussion on the topic “Is the African Continent Doing Enough to Reduce the Impacts of the Climate Crisis”.


The UEF Annual Essay competition

The UEF hosts an annual essay competition on different sustainable development goals.The essay competition aims to raise awareness about the SDGs among participants and the wider audience. It provides a platform to educate individuals about the 17 SDGs, their interconnectedness, and the importance of sustainable development for addressing global challenges.

Additionally, the competition stimulates participants to conduct research on specific SDGs or related topics. It encourages them to delve into the issues, analyze the underlying causes, and propose effective strategies for achieving the goals. This cultivates critical thinking skills and the ability to analyze complex problems through a sustainable development lens. By targeting young individuals, the essay competition seeks to empower and engage the youth in sustainable development issues. It encourages their active participation in finding solutions and taking action towards achieving the SDGs. This fosters a sense of ownership, responsibility, and commitment among the younger generation. Lastly, the essay competition aims to inspire participants to take action in their communities, schools, or spheres of influence. It encourages them to contribute to the implementation of the SDGs through small-scale initiatives, advocacy efforts, or community projects. This grassroots mobilization can have a ripple effect, leading to broader societal impact.

Model UN, AU and EU

Model Conferences

The UEF organizes Model conferences to simulate the activities of the United Nations, African Union or European Union and provide participants with an immersive educational experience. The primary objectives of Model conferences include deepening participants’ understanding of global issues, international relations, and the functioning of the mentioned intergovernmental organizations. By engaging in debates, negotiations, and problem-solving activities, participants gain insight into complex global challenges and the intricacies of diplomatic processes.